PowerPoint 2010 Control positioning problem


Gary Bartlett


I have a slide with a collection of list boxes|textbox pairs on it. The basic idea is that you click on an item in a listbox and notes appear in the corresponding textbox.

It all works just fine - except that the listboxes don;t keep their postionon the slide in presentation mode.

I've positioned and sized them via VBA on OnSlideShowPageChange using the following (eg) code:

With Window.View.Slide.Shapes("GoalThemesNavigator")
.Top = 83.75
.Left = 372
.Height = 108.25
End With

The first time you run the presentation after opening the saved file, the listboxes - or rather copies of them - move away from their designated location.

The first few times you browse to the slide - they adopt different positions but, after 2 or 3 times, they stabilise in the correct position. If you exit presentation mode and then enter it again, they stay in the right position. However, if you save the file and close it, then open it again the same sequence occurs again.

I'd be very grateful for any help you have to offer - I've tried everythingI can think of - including positioning the listboxes before arriving at the slide in question - to no avail.


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