Powerpoint displaying incorrect font (Futura)



I have a couple of fonts in the Futura family installed on my
PowerBook (2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo running 10.6.8). If I attempt to
select Futura (also called Futura Medium), it instead displays Futura
Condensed ExtraBold.

I tried
-Disabling all Futura fonts and then restarting powerpoint, closing
powerpoint, enabling the fonts again and relaunching. Nothing
-Disabling just Condensed ExtraBold. Upon first relauch, success.
Upon second relaunch, it started the same game with Condensed

I don't actually want to disable these fonts, so this is not really a
nice solution. Any ideas on what's happening here? No problems in
other programs.





I'm having same problem and trying same things as you. I use Futura only for slide headers, so I've disabled all except the medium-roman font, but that's a hack (and isn't required for other programs to successfully use Futura). Post followup if you find a permanent solution...

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