Presenter view monitors



I have Vista and PowerPoint 2007. I tried using the presenter view. But the
laptop screen doesn't show the picture that projects onto the other
monitor/screen. It only shows a black box (with the advance arrows and pen),
the notes and thumbnails. The presentation does show up on the other
monitor/screen correctly
I notice that on the bar at the bottom of my screen there are two PowerPoint
When I go into the display settings, under monitor 1 the two boxes are
grayed out. "This is my main monitor" and "Extend the desktop onto this
monitor". And both are checked. So no way to uncheck.
Monitor 2 has the first grayed out and the second can be checked.
Am I not setting it up right?




Try lowering the settings on the hardware accelrator in the display
settings... usually this solves that laptop output issue.

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