print document formatted as booklet without booklet formatting

Dec 12, 2015
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I've made a directory using booklet formatting. Some users will not have the expertise or the printers for printing this in booklet format. Is there a way I can export it to a pdf document that is in standard page order easy to print format?

Or convert a copy of it to standard formatting?



Microsoft MVP
Mar 2, 2012
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It seems to me you'd do better to arrange the printing and distribution of however many copies you need. If the quantity is sufficient, that may even cost less to do commercially than doing it in-house (especially if users end up wasting lots of paper & toner doing it wrongly). For users with duplexing printers, simply sending them the Word document to print should be sufficient. For those who lack duplex printers, there are two options:
1. Let the Windows (10) pdf printer do two PDF prints (one each for the manual duplexing option), then have the users print one side of the paper followed by the other (lots of paper wastage likely here, as users get the paper orientation all wrong for the 2nd print); or
2. Save the document as a PDF and let the users print that single-sided. You might want to reformat the document for that, though, so it makes full use of the paper, instead of using only half of each page.

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