Print Macro - PDF Issue



Cell D5 represents a variable number from 1-120, the input changes the data
accordingly on the whole workbook. I have input a macro to enter the number
1, print the document range A1:AB54 and then input number 2 and so on until i
have 120 pages. This a frequently changing schedule and for review and
distibution, would rather have a pdf doc. I changed the printer from the
default to a pdf writer, when the macro runs it prints to the pdf doc but
when the pdf document opens up, the macro stops after the first one, it does
not go back to excel to work on number 2 etc..

Is there a way to control a macro to input the #'s and print the 120 sheets
to pdf as one pdf file or at the very least 120 pdf files.

Any asssitance would be greatly appreciated.


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