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Good evening to you all. Im sorry if this message gets too long, eheh , but
its as short as i can get it.
Well, I have a slight problem printing a product tree that is organized as
follows. Well, there is a product name field, a product number, and product

000 001 BUILDING
001 002 1ST FLOOR
001 003 2ND FLOOR
001 004 3RD FLOOR
005 006 KITCHEN
005 007 RESTROOM

and so on. I didnt write the product names, because i dont know how to
translate them from portuguese. :)))
Well, the tree works as follows, the building contains the floors that
contain the apartments and so on, but an important detail is this last row I
added, because if I have referenced the apartment 005 and what it contains,
if it appears as a link in any other part of the table linked to another
floor, it still contains the same rooms. Like a product that appears in many
parts of a product tree and doesnt need to be described again. Its easy to
structure this in a tree view, by adding branches recursively. But when I
want to print this, I cant be adding the branches recursively to the form (
andI need to be printing the rows, not the treeview, because the rows have
lots of other information). My problem is that the details section of a
report print real rows, and if apartment 005 shows in any other part of the
tree, its rows have already been printed. And anyway, if I want to take this
info to a report, there is no order in which i could arrange the rows to be
printed neatly as a tree, because each time i want to see the table i have to
assemble it again.
Well, again, Im sorry if the message got toooo long, but I hope to hear from
Thanks 1!!!!


I'm not sure if I totally understand
but it sounds like your needs may be met
if you had a TreeView that supported multiple columns
and also had direct support for printing

If I am correct, take a look at TList at

Also if TList looks good to you feel free to drop me
a note directly at Jeff @
( Please include a copy of this note and your original post )

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