Printing in dot matrix



I am using Office 2003 & WindowsXP SP2. I am using epson inkjet & Panasonic
KX-P1694 dot matrix printer. i have connected both the printere to a data
switch and use either printer as i need the problem is:

when i print a word doc in dotmatrix the 1st page is printed and the online
led blinks which means i must load the 2nd paper but the paper does not auto
load in the printer. and the OS also does not give an error message that the
printer has no paper. pleas help.



Doug Robbins

It's years since I have had anything to do with dot matrix printers, but the
ones that I did use all had DIP switches that could be set to deal with
things like that.

Please respond to the Newsgroup for the benefit of others who may be
interested. Questions sent directly to me will only be answered on a paid
consulting basis.

Hope this helps,
Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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