Problem Connecting Client and Server


Tim Dutton

I am running Project Server 2003 on a Windows 2003 Server and i have now
loaded project professional 2003 onto the same box for some testing

I have set up the correct server URL in the calloboration options and the
enterprise options using a windows account that has access in PWA.

I have also added the project server URL as a trusted site in IE.

When ever i attempt to open the client i get a Cannot Connect error that
states "Project was unable to establish a connection with the selected
project server. This could be caused by a loss of network connectivity or
problems with the project server or database"

I have read a number of articles around problems with the code page which i
have set up correctly but still get the same error.

I have also attempted to connect using the project server admin account.

The problem appears to be specific to having the client and server product
on the same box as a number of other users using the correct credentials and
same setting connect without issue.

Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this problem

Thanks in advance



Tim Dutton

The solution to the problem is that the client and server need to be running
the same SP.

Was Project Professional 2003 without SP1 and Project Server 2003 with SP1.

If you upgrade the client to Project Professional 2003 SP1 it fixes it and
connects straight away. It appears that SP 1 for professional has a fix for
this specific issue




Mike Glen

Hi Tim,

Try posting on the server newsgroup as this one's closing down. Please see
FAQ Item: 24. Project Newsgroups. FAQs, companion products and other
useful Project information can be seen at this web address:

Mike Glen
Project MVP

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