problem formatting printing


Peter Chadbund

I am using Excel2007 to develop a file sent to me by a friend who wants it
converting into a pdf file.
The original file contains five different sections, with the number of rows
in each section varying between about 20 and 120. There are 6 columns in
each section. I have split the file into 5 individual excel files, by
starting with the original and deleting the rows I did not want. All columns
are the same width all fonts are the same size. In each file I selected the
populated cells as the print area and "printed to pdf" as I normally do.
Paper size is set to A4 with all the margins the same. I combined the
resulting pdf files into one file, where it was clear that two of the files
were displaying smaller than the others (requiring 200% zoom to fill the
width of the screen, whereas the other 3 pages filled the screen without any
zoom).. I returned to the original Excel files which revealed exactly the
same thing showing in"print preview", so it is something to do with Excel,
not the pdf conversion.
I am new to using Excel for anything as relatively complex as this (I
usually use MS Works) so can anyone suggest what is happening, please?




Is there some reason why you can't put everything on 1 worksheet and
set page breaks how you want them?

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