Problem in date filters in PWA custom views



Whenever I use date fields for filtering the project data, there is a problem
specifically for October dates.
Created a view called Slipping Tasks view with filter as % Complete < 100%
and Finish less than Today. When Today falls in October, the view does not
display any data and the dropdown list to change the view name is also
disabled. But when the date is in any other month such as September, November
or December, the view displays the data properly.
Specific Scenarios: Finish greater than or equal to 10/1/2004 does not work
but Finish greater than 9/30/2004 works fine. Finish less than 11/1/2004
works fine but Finish less than or equal to 10/31/2004. Finish less than
10/12/2004 also does not display any data in the view and the dropdown to
change the view in Project Detail page is also greyed out.

Can some one please help me out of this peculiar scenario.


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