Problem in deployment Outlook addin on test machine



I have created a Microsoft Outlook plug in in ATL COM VC++ using 2008
I had Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP2 installed on my development machine.
If i try to take out dll file of this addin and try to register the same
using following command
regsvr32 "dllpath"
then i got a error message like...."can't register because dll machine
configuration is incorrect"

Test machine configuration is as follows:
1) Visual C++ 6.0
2) Microsoft outlook 2003 SP3

and if i register the dll on the configuration same as development machine's
configuration then it is working fine.....

what environment should be appropriate to give support to outlook 2003 and
outlook 2007 with all service packs?



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

In general you always develop on a machine with the oldest version of
Outlook you intend to support, and reference that version of Outlook and
Office. If you need to use methods or properties available only in a later
version you use late binding or reflection to do that, based on
Outlook.Application.Version discovered at runtime.

For support for the ribbon if needed when you are developing for Outlook
2003 you can use the method shown by Andrew Whitechapel on his blog (he's a
member of the VSTO team), using the ribbon interface CLSID's to be able to
handle the various ribbon interfaces. You can Google for Andrew's blog and
find his explanation on how to do that.

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