Problem in using TFS 2008 Proect with MS Project 2007 - Disintegration of Work Item Ids in MS Projec


Ayesha Khan

Let me explain first what actually we are doing;

We are using TFS 2008 for tasks assignment to team members, Team leaders and
developers assign tasks to themselves or to others. For calculating cost,
effort and delays we have imported task from TFS Project to MS Project 2007.
Project 2007 can easily import the entire tasks from Team System Project.

After importing task in MS Project 2007 which is our WBS, task assignment
were structured in phases as we do normally. Tasks were already assigned to
resources when it was imported from TFS, because when task was defined in
TFS it was assigned to respective resource. Finally after setting
Predecessors and setting up a baseline, Project is published on Project
Server (PWA). Resources of Project Server and TFS are sync with Active

This process we are using which is defining task in TFS with estimated time
and Setting dependencies in MS Project, Initially it was working fine.
Project Owner Opens a project from Project server get more Work Items (if
any), sync task updates and re-publish the plan on PWA and TFS (to sync
completed/remaining hr values and other fields).

Since few days when I open a Plan from Project Server it shows Work Item ID
field blank, you can view Team system task sheet from View Menu or Add
custom field in Gantt View by inserting (TEXT10) field, which is mapped with
Work item ID field of Team system. Keep in mind that only WORK ITEM Ids get
blank whereas other team system columns have their values in it.

If anyone using the TFS and Project Server in a similar way and got into
same situation then please write me about solution, please reply this post


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