Problems created by Recent updates to Outlook 365

Oct 11, 2018
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Why can't Microsoft leave things alone and let users determine how they want things to function instead of forcing things on users?

Recent updates to Outlook have created 2 problems for me that I'm looking for a solution for:

  • The first one involves attachments. It used to be that when you click to attach a file it gave you a list of recent files you had opened. The list used include files created by office as well as files created by other software packages. Now it only includes Microsoft files. For work I attach many files other than those created by office. Many files I attach are either PDF, DWG or zip files and he is no longer appear in the pulldown list.

  • The 2nd problem is with spellchecking. I have it set to ignore the text in messages that I'm replying to your forwarding but it still asked me if I want to check the remainder of the document? Since I have it turned off you would think it would be smart enough to skip the rest of the document but no, Microsoft says I need to physically tell them I don't want the rest check in every document.

  • Does anybody have any idea how to work around these problems?

Thanks for any help,
Mark Radell

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