Problems printing extensive changes with markup showing



I've been testing this for the last few days...

When printing a document with 'Track Changes' turned on AND if there
are enough individual changes on one page to cause the separate side-
balloons to merge into one, if I try to print out this document I end
up having three documents sent to the printer. The first job is the
original document with the 'Track Changes' balloons showing, the
second job is a blank page and the third is the MS Word generated
table of the tracked changes to the document.

The problem is that the blank page and the Word generated table of the
tracked changes gets stuck either in the printers Mac OS X print queue
or it gets stuck in the RIP queue of the printer. Firstly, I need this
table of tracked changes to print out (which it won't), and secondly,
it forces me to either restart the RIP software or have to delete the
non-printing jobs from the Mac OS X printer queue because no other
subsequent print jobs will print.

I've tried this on four different printers and even using the Adobe
Acrobat v7 and v8 'Print to PDF' printer drivers - all of them don't
print the tracked changes table AND also clog the print queue.

For reference I'm using MS Word 2004 for Mac v 11.3.8 on Mac Pros and
PowerMac G5s running Mac OS X 10.4.10 and 10.4.9. I'm attempting to
print to a Xerox N2125, Canon iR5020i, Canon iR5570 and a Splash
v2.0.2 RIP direct-connected to a Xerox DC242.

Has anyone been able to get this feature of Word to print out properly?



Daiya Mitchell

I have printed quite a few documents with Track Changes, some of them
with quite a lot of comment balloons filling the margin, and I've not
seen anything like this. I wonder if the document might be corrupted.
Are you only seeing this with the one document?

I don't think the separate side-balloons are supposed to merge into
one--that sounds like corruption. They are supposed to truncate when
there are too many to fit. Are you just being metaphorical or are they
really a single balloon? About how long is the document? How many
reviewers and rounds of revisions?

Are you deliberately telling it to print three different jobs or is this
happening automatically?

Does Track Changes have to actively be *on*? What if you turn it off
before printing?

Does the document come up okay in Print Preview?

What happens if you use the settings in the Print dialog to print *only*
the markup? (Change Copies and Pages to Microsoft Word, then use the
Print What dropdown)

What happens if you turn off balloons and try to print?

Try round-tripping a copy of the document thru HTML as described here:

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