Problems trying to migrate .wab address book from old hard drive

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Atlanta Man for You

Hi, and thanks for your time.

I have purchased a new computer and have inserted my old hard drive
inside to copy relevant files. I have managed (with the help of this
newsgroup) to migrate my Outlook .pst file into the new Office
installation (same version as old one). My operating system has
changed from Win98SE to Windows XP Service pack 2. I am using Outlook
2002 Version 10.2627.2625.

My problem is importing my .wab address book. It worked fine with my
old computer when I imported it there 5 years ago. And now, I cannot
get it moved. I have tried the Import Wizard, etc. and I have tried
WABout (I think you have to use WABout while running on the original

Only option I have not tried is to re-install my old hard drive back
into the old computer and then export the .wab Address Book into
another format and then email it to myself, start the new computer,
download it, then import it into Outlook.

Any suggestions?



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