Problems when pasting as link in Powerpoint



Hi Everybody,
Stumbled upon a rather curious little thing (bug?) when trying to pase a
chart as a link ( so that when the info the chart is based on changes, the
chart updates. This does not happen if i pase the chart in as a picture)

As can be seen here in the first screenshot, this is the Powerpoint template
i would like to paste to:

When activating a text box in the Powerpoint presentation and select paste,
it fits the chart correctly in the text box- as can be seen below:

The error (user or machine :) ) occurs here, i activate the text box like i
do when pasting normally - however this time i choose paste special and
"paste link" and as you can see below the chart goes all over the place and
does contain itself within the text box.

I have tried: different charts, different PC´s - this leads me to believe
that this is a general bug/feature in Office. Any advice or ideas would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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