problems when saving as comma delimited text file


Moe Sisko

Using Excel 2007.

I'm having problems trying to save a worksheet as a text file, when the
worksheet contains text like : 329300041118 .

Steps to reproduce :

1) open excel (you should then be looking at an empty spreadsheet)

2) into cell 1A, paste the text : 329300041118 . The cell should display :
3.293E+11 .

3) Save As -> Other Formats -> CSV comma delimited

When you look at the CSV file in a text editor (e.g. notepad), it shows :
What I want to see is : 329300041118

I realise I can "fix" this by using "Format Cells" to control the precision,
but is there some way of getting this to work without having to set this on
a spreadsheet by spreadsheet basis ?

i.e. Is there some way to get excel to export the straight text of the data,
without it trying to round what it interprets as numeric values at a global
excel level ?




Nick Hodge


Presuming this isn't really a number, you could prefix with a single

Remember too that if this is repetitive a macro could be recorded to
automate the formatting

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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