Programming with Form Fields


Jeff Harbin

I have a Word 2003 document that I've attached 3 groups of form fields.

The first field is a drop down list (DropDown1) that contains 7 items.
There are also 2 other groups (Group1 and Group2) of fields that I want
to populate based on the selection made from the drop down list.

Any hints on how to do this. I know that I can create a macro that
fires on whenever someone exits the original drop down list and my plan
would be us use a Select Case statement to populate the other fields in
a manner like

Select Case DropDown1
Case = "Selection A"
Group1Field1 = "First Selection
Group2Field1 = "First Selection"
Case = "Selection B"
Group1Field1 = "Second Selection"
Group2Field2 = "Second Selection
End Select

I've been playing with Bookmarks and Listproperty but I cannot find a
way to return the value selected in the DropDown List.

Can someone point me in the right direction?




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