Project Workspace (PWA Default View)


Jason Short


Is it possible to change the default view on PWA for the Project Workspace

We are running PS2007 and have created a blank project for each of our
clients (merely as a placeholder). All other projects are then associated as
sub-sites of the relevant client site.

Some of my users are finding it difficult to navigate down the standard
'flat line' list that is the standard view on the PWA page and I am wondering
if it is possible to show the sub-sites indented under the main client site.

Thanks in advance



Ben Howard

Hi James,
I'm confused by your question. If by the default view you actually mean
template, then yes, this is possible.

If you are having trouble navigating to a projet workspace, then I suggest
you do one of the following.

1. Place some shortcuts to a users frequently used workspaces with IE
2. Limit the user's access to all the projects using categories and ask the
user to navigate to PWA via the project centre view.


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