project_open event in COM Add-in


Kurt Verhaegen

I need some help getting the on_open/ project open event active in a COM
I've created a COM Add-in in VB6 with the template.

My Class module is called EventClassModule containing:
Public withevents app as MSproject.Application
Public withevents proj as MSproject.Project

Public Sub proj_open(ByVal pj as msproject.Project)
Msgbox (" in project open event !!")
End Sub

My Module is called AutoEventsHandling containing:
Dim X as New EventClassModule
Sub Initialize_App()
Set = msproject.application
set X.proj = msproject.activeproject
End sub

The initialize_app is called from the IDTExtensibility2_OnConnection.

Application events are working but no project events, anybody a clue what
I'm doing wrong?

TX, Kurt


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