Projects and Tasks without a Start date and/or finish date:MS Project 2007



I am creating a couple of calendars for my department. In one of them, my manager wants a list of summary tasks with sub tasks under each. However there are no set dates to start and finish. They are on going yearly projects with time frames (e.g. 30 days or 60-90 days per summary task). Therefore, I just want to include the duration of the summary task with out any definitive dates.Is there any way to isolate a specific column, while freezing the others?

In another, I have the end dates, but start dates are not defined yet. So Ihave the same question here. Can I isolate the "Finish" column so that it is the only data that effects the gant chart and all of the tasks?

Thank you to anyone who can answer this so that I can move on from my dilemma and explain this to my coworkers!



ismet kocaman

A direct answer to your question: no, there is no way to freeze or isolate the dates mentioned.
What you need is Manual Scheduling which is not available in MS Project 2007. You can download Project 2013 trial and create a list of placeholder tasks. Trial period is pretty long.

Ismet Kocaman

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