ProjectServer2003/PWA2003 - Changing Project Ownership


Doug T

I am an administrator on our ProjectServer/PWA2003 installation, and I
am trying to re-assign an administrative project to a new manager in
our group. She has been active in the enterprise resource pool for
years, but just recently became a manager. When I select the
administrative project and click "Edit..." in PWA, and change "Owner"
to this manager's name, and then click "Save and Close", it looks like
the change is saved. But next time I look to see who the owner of
that administrative project is, the name remains unchanged. I have
checked the setup of this manager (permissions, etc) against other
managers, and cannot find any differences. If I try to change the
ownership of this administrative project to any other manager, the
change is successful. Any ideas what I'm missing here? Anyone else
experience this problem? Thanks.




Use Internet Explorer 6. I had the same result/error as you in both IE8 and IE9.

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