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Form for printing Tickets with control n

Just want to ask what forms in the MS Publisher shall I use in creating &
printing tickets. The ticket should have control number and if I can
maximize the paper (8 up and 2 across).
And also just wondering how can I insert this control number on each tickets
Thank you



Mary Sauer

Find a label template that matches your specifications. If you cannot find a
template, manually create the ticket size.
It is helpful to know what version Publisher. Assuming 2007
File, Page Setup, Advanced on the right...
Select Multiple pages per sheet
Type 2" width
1.25 height
Side margin .25
Top margin .5

You will need to setup a data base with your control numbers. You can use Excel,
Access, Word or any other data base. Merge the data to your tickets.
I have a tutorial for consecutive numbers using Excel here:

Mary Sauer

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