Publish as PDF changes color of white image to black



I have put together some postcards for my business. My printer has requested
that I send PDFs. I have an image that is an outline of a home, the original
image is black with white background. I have modified the image in Publisher
(2007) so that the background is removed (the color of the postcard, green in
my case, becomes the background color of the image) and increased the
brightness of the image to 100% so that the outline is now white instead of
black. When I publish to PDF it changes the color of the image from white to
black. If I send it directly to my printer, it pirnts white (as I want it to

I have tried to invert this image with other programs prior to putting it
into Publisher. However, when I do this and publish to PDF the image comes
out a combination of white and black and the image looks a bit muddled.

Is there some way to keep the image white as modified in publisher when
publishing to PDF?

Thanks, Kat



Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

Publisher is not an image editor.
What kind of image is the house?...a graphic, clip-art, a photo ??
How did you knock out the white background?

Generally speaking printers do not print with white ink, the white is the
paper showing through. Increasing the "brightness" of black ink doesn't make
it's still black and will appear so if you switch to CMYK for
final output.

IF I understand what you are trying to do you probably will be better off
creating this image/graphic in an image editor or graphics type program like
Photoshop or better yet Illustrator, then outputting the graphic as a png
(or whatever is appropriate) and then using that image in Publisher.

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