Publisher 2010 failed to start correctly

Mar 30, 2014
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I have Publisher 2010 and recently tried to open it. An error dialog box reads 'Publisher failed to start correctly last time starting Publisher in safe mode will keep you correct or isolate a startup problem In order to successfully start the program. Some functionality may be idsabled in this mode. Do you want to start Publisher in safe mode? Yes/No.

I did 'yes' & nothing happened.
Next time i did 'no' & still nothing happened.

I went into control panel & clicked on the Microsoft Office 2010 and clicked on 'change' button to repair it. It did not find anything. I had to uninstall this program prior to this error and reinstalled it.

What's going on? I can't find any solution online and going to Microsoft website is useless.
Can anyone advise?


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