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Discussion in 'Publisher' started by Mr. Walsh, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Feb 11, 2018
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    We provide training and distribute wallet sized certificates to students at the successful completion of our courses. In the past, we had just printed out a blank sheet of 9 certificates (3 wide by 3 high) on a sheet of letter sized paper in landscape mode. Then we filled in the certificates with the students information by hand.

    I am trying to use Excel to export the students data (name, badge # and course expiry date) into the Publisher certificates. The class size can vary, so nine students is ideal as it would fill up an entire letter sized sheet. Normally we don't have that many students in a course, so there would be unfilled certificates. These unfilled certificates can be used by others in the group who want to fill out the certificates manually by hand at a later date.

    I would like the unused certificates to be blank for the student name, badge # and expiry date. The default date setting for Publisher is mm/dd/yyyyy. When I print out a class list of less than 9 students the extra certificates are blank in the name, badge # and date field. When I format the date to mmmm-dd-yyyy; the date field on the blank certificates gets filled in by default. This means that the blank certificates that get printed are only useful on the day of printing, after that, the date for training is incorrect.

    Is there any way that I can use the mmmm-dd-yyyy format and have the unused certificates without the date printed out in the date field? I have uploaded the blank sheet that can be filled out by hand. Next is the single template that has the 3 merge fields with my data. The next one is the sheet of certificates with the blanks on the unfilled data fields. The next certificate, I have formatted the date to the mmmm-dd-yyyy. The last image is the result with the unused certificates that have the dates filled in. I have tried to put #;-#;"";"" and 0;-0;;@ into the blank data areas in excel where I am getting the data from, but the date field in the blank certificates still has the date in it.
    Test Blank certificates.jpg Test prior to formatting date.jpg Test certificates prior to formatting date.jpg Test with formatted date.jpg Test with dates in blanks.jpg

    Thank You
    Tracy Walsh
    Mr. Walsh, Feb 11, 2018
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