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I'm creating full color publications in Publisher 2003 to send to a commercial printer. When I use the Commercial PS generic color driver supplied with Publisher and convert to PDF using Distiller, my cmyk publication prints my black text on all four color plates. I've gone back to the original publisher publication and recolored all fonts to a pantone black, to a full cmyk black (0c 0m 0y 100k), yet when I open my pdf in Adobe Acrobat and preview separations, I have black text on all four color plates. any ideas?



Jeff Daghir

A couple of suggestions: Don't use the generic color driver to generate a ps
file for Distiller; instead use the Acrobat Distiller printer that should
have been installed when Acrobat was installed. This will create postscript
that is more easily digested by Distiller. Note that you can't print
directly to the Acrobat Distiller printer - there is an incompatibility
in-between Publisher 2003 and Acrobat Distiller. You have to print to file
first and then Distill, and there a few other settings that you need to
change also - the procedure is described here:;en-us;826360

Also in the properties page of the Acrobat Distiller printer that you use to
generate the postscript, you need to go to the Device Settings tab and set
both "Convert Gray Text to Postscript Gray" and "Convert Gray Graphics to
PostScript Gray" to yes.

On my system, I get 100%K text from Publisher 2003 when I create a
composite CMYK PDF with these procedures / settings.


Jeff Daghir
MPS Printing, Inc.
The Ink & Paper People!
Madison, IN
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Trish said:



Mac Townsend

in addition to Jeff's suggestions, you must select cmyk composite option
when printing to a PostScript file. (sounds like you might be getting
composite RGB)

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