lI think I finnaly figured out where to put this question, but I'm not sure.

I have two laptops that I use. One has an actual screen size of 13†x 8â€
resolution of 1280 x 800 running Vista. The other one has a screen size of
15†x 8.5â€. and a resolution of 1600 x 900 running Windows7.
When I load up a Web page in either machine, say, in both
cases the page comes up centered on the screen. On the smaller of the two I
need to scroll a little further down, but otherwise they are both the same.
In the Windows7 machine I am using Microsoft Office 2007 Publisher to try to
design a Web page. I chose a page 8.5†x 11†for my design. I centered
everything on that page. When I click on "Web Page Preview" to see how the
page will look on the Web my design is all on the left-hand side with the
rest of the screen empty.
My question is how do I fix this, so that no matter what the size of a
screen is it will always be centered.






Within the referenced message thread you will see the following procedure
for centering a Pub web page:

Centering Publisher 2003 & 2007 built Web Sites pages:
Edit the htm file(s) and replace </head> with

</head><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"

" All above on one line "

Be sure that you edit the </head> line and NOT the <head> line

If you are using a page width different than 760 pixels change that number
in the above line

If you have multiple pages you might want to look at a simple replace lines in multiple htm

Setup the Replace in files program

Find: = </head>

Replace with: = </head><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"

File Types: = *.htm or *.html (what ever one you are using)

In Folder: = Select the folder where you published the htm / html files

Check the Replace In Subfolders box

The settings will remain until you change them

Then after running the repalce in files program (Replace All) ftp the files
to your server

by Spike

If you have further questions about centering a publisher web or publisher
webs in general, please post in the appropriate group and we will try to
help you there:


Please always include the version of Publisher you are using, the URL of
your site and as much detail as possible.



I'll try one more time and if I can't make it clear I'll throw this computer
out the window.
In Front page 2000 at the bottom of the page there is a tab that says
"HTML". When you
click on it the code for that page appears.
In Publisher07 that tab does not appear. How do you find the code for a page
in Publisher07?
I don't find any reference in any of the dropdown menus
I'm standing by the window.


Publisher webs are not like FP webs. Publisher is not a code editor and it
is not designed to directly edit the html code. In fact this is the one
workaround regularly used by some Publisher users that does require editing
the source code directly.

If you want to edit the source code to add the centering code, you start
with the original .pub file and go to File > Publish to the web and direct
the html files to your local drive, and then edit the source code and upload
those with a ftp client such as FileZilla. Publisher produces an index.htm
file (your home page) and a index_files folder that contains all your
supporting graphics and the other *.htm files for your site. You can open
the index.htm file or the other .htm files in NotePad or even by double
clicking and viewing in your browser, and then view >source...which also
opens the source code in NotePad.

You can open each .htm page and edit the code manually, or use
replaceinfiles to replace the one line of code on each page. The problem is
that you do need to do this each time you make a change in your web as you
have to go back to your original .pub file, make the change and produce new
html files, and again make the centering edit. If you have many pages this
is not efficient to do manually, but doesn't take long once you get
replaceinfiles setup.

Bottom line is that this is at best a workaround that we have developed over
the years and for many it may not make sense to do it. However , if you use
replaceinfiles, and get it set up correctly then it is just a matter of a
couple clicks after you produce new web files each time.



Thanks for all your help but it sounds way over my head to try to do. I'm
just a amateur at this.
I thought I could come up with a quick and easy web sight but I guess not.
Last thing. Is there any site on thw web that I can use to do a web site?
Somthing that will walk me through it.

Thanks again




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