publishing visio 2002 drawing to website



Hi All.

I have created a staff organisational chart using visio 2002 and
would like to view it on our intranet. I have created flowcharts for
the web before and managed to display them online with no
problems(using Visio 2000)about 1 yr ago.

Here is the process I took:
Created_Image --> File --> Save As Web Page --> I then unticked the
Page Tab and Property Display thingy and pointed the files to be saved
to my c:\intranet\organisational_charts folder

(note I am using Dreamweaver MX for web editing)

I then uploaded the Organisational_Chart.html file (Visio created) and
its supporting folder of .gif, .html, and other files to my live
intranet site, and linked some text to the Organisational_Chart.html
file. However, when I click the hyperlink to the
Organisational_Chart.html file, I get the error "page cannot be
displayed...". The strange thing is I can still see the hotspot links
and email links I created within the Visio document, just not the
actual organisational_chart image it should be displaying. And yes,
when I hit F12 when in Dreamweaver, the correct image is displayed,
with links working and zoom function working.

HELP please...




Dick Hamilton \(MS\)


If your intranet server is a Unix server, the issue is probably with case
sensitivity in the filename ext for the VML format - .EMZ. This is a known
issue with Visio's Save as Web feature which will be addressed in the next
version. To update your Save as Web output files, manually rename the
uppercase EMZ filename to lowercase .emz. I hope this helps.

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