publishing website from Publisher to go daddy



I built a website using Microsoft Publisher through Windows Vista. I went
through the steps of Publishing to the Web from the website and then
proceeded to set up a go daddy hosting account and following instructions to
upload it. It appeared to be uploaded saying transfer succeeded. When I
entered my URL to check the website, it said I either hadn't uploaded it or
uploaded it incorrectly. I've looked at tutorials to try to troubleshoot the
problem but keep coming to a dead end. I'm very new to web design so I'm not
sure if I've missed a step or am not understanding the process. I'm getting
very frustrated.




What version of publisher?
What is the url?
Did you use "Publish to the web" and save it as index.htm to your hard
Did you then FTP to godaddy or did you use the file manager at godaddy?
Do you have a Windows or Unix account with godaddy?



I am having the same problem. I think the problem is that I am using Vista.
I have looked up the url of all of the pages other then the first page of my
website, and it comes up on the web - just not the first (home) page. Even
though I saved it as index.htm . I even built a one page website and tried to
upload it to the web, and it will not show up when I check my url. I am going
through Network Solutions and so it is not your Go Daddy. Very frustrating! I
am going to try a different website builder software so I can get my business
website up and running if I can't get it fixed soon.




The problems you are having are not because of Publisher. They are because
you haven't figured out how to upload the web files properly. Go back to
your other thread, read through the suggestions given, read the instructions
from your host, read the directions for FileZilla, etc. Bottom line is you
need to upload both the index.htm file which is your home page, plus the
index_files folder which contains all your other pages and pictures. You can
change to other software if you want, but you will still need to figure out
how to upload the web files. If you have further questions, add them to your
original thread.


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