Query And Chart/Grapg



I have built a union query composed of two parts of the
original table related to two work shifts (day and night)
and parameter values are set or adjusted by workers of
each shift if needed. A partial look of the union query
looks like the following sample: DayOfMonth,
ParameterVals, DNShift.

DayOfMnth ParameterVals DNShift
12/31/02 15.2 A
12/31/02 17 C
5/29/03 14.6 C
5/29/03 18.5 C
6/1/03 15 A
6/1/03 17 C
6/2/03 14.6 A
6/2/03 15.5 C
6/3/03 15.2 C
6/3/03 17 A
6/4/03 14.6 C
6/4/03 16.5 A
6/5/03 15.2 C
6/5/03 21.5 A
6/6/03 14.8 A
6/6/03 17 B

Now, I need to build a line chart/graph with the Parameter
values to the left (vertically) and the DayOfMonth
(horizontally) across the bottom with points signifying
the shift parameter changes, if there were any. The
number "17" needs to be the ideal horizontal mid point
with all other values above or below this mid point.

When I use the chart wizard, it changes every thing around
and creates it's own pivot/cross tab query formatting the
data field, summing the parameter values and setting the
shift values as values. Since I am new to charts/graphs,
can some one out there with more experience supply
pointers to assist in getting the final results to look
like this, with lines connecting the dots:

17.6 .
17.3 . .
17 -------.----------.----------.-----.----.-------------
16.8 .
16.2 .

Shift: A C C A A D C B B D
Date: 6/2/03 6/3/03 6/3/03 6/3/03 6/4/03

I've been working at this for some time now, without the
desired results. If any part of this chart/graph is not
possible, let me know. Since shift and date values are
related to time values, I feel that there may be an issue
with this layout.



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