Query to select values after a certain date



I have a database where the main data is timecard information and is inserted into a table every week. I have a second table that has project specific data, including project number (linking fields) and a checkbox for activeor not.

Because of how the accounting for a project works, there is only one numberfor the project that lasts its entire lifecycle, but there can be a coupleof submissions. What I want to do is pull all of the timecard data for the second submission, without including any information from the first submission.

As an example, Project A was active from 10/1/2013-12/1/2013. The query works fine to pull this info, as long as it's the only project. Once the second submission to Project A starts, say 1/1/2014-3/1/2014, the active flag is flipped off for the first submission. In my query, I only want to see timecard entries for part 2 of Project A on a date that's equal to the startdate of the second submission.

The reason for this is the targets for each submission vary, and I need to track the hours charged for each submission. I don't want to have a separate report for each type, but since I can't filter the dates properly, that doesn't matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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