query to show where no data in a stated column

May 1, 2014
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I am very out of practice with Access, but thought I could help a friend from my past use. I am slowly picking it up again.

I have an existing table with numerous queries etc I have managed to add a new field to the table and forms. I now want to run some new reports but only showing certain data if criteria is specific, so assume I first have to run a query then maybe link that query to a report to print.

I cannot upload a portion of the table for you to see as the data is sensitive. Basically have a table that lists missing people with numerous columns for personal details, date of referral, last known address and other criteria to record. One column is to insert the date found. I want to run a report/query to show those that are still missing or do not have a date in the Date Found box. I am in design view of the query and there is the Criteria. I tried typing in "" as the cell is blank (no date) but it didn't like it. How do I select data based on a cell being empty.


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