Question about relationships in Visio diagram model



Does anyone know if it's possible to make Visio attach the
relationship arrows directly to the field it links on as it does in
SQL server diagrams???
Presently the model I've generated using the reverse engineering
wizard, generates a model where the relationships link anywhere on the
table but my boss wants the relationships to stay connected directly
to the field the link on to make the model clearer.
I'm a newbie to using Visio, and trying to figure this out. It seems
like it should be an obvious and simple setting, but I haven't had
much luck figuring it out. If any of you more experienced gurus out
there can give me a heads up on how to do this or if its even
possible, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch.



David Parker

Ensure that View / Connection Points is ticked
Then select a table shape, and use the Connection Point Tool with the CTRL
key down to add a connection point where you want it

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