Re-post of Subreport with no records



I dropped this thread for several days since I didn't have time to get
back to it and thought I'd just revisit it in case Marsh was still out
My last post is at the bottom.

break controls (there was perhaps a tenth of an inch between each) and
the page break went away. Not sure I understand exactly why that spacing
would make the difference since the previous subreport ended close to an
inch before the end of its last physical page, but... it works.
Also make sure that there is no blank space both before and
after each subreport. I.e. each page break has the same
value in the Top property as its associated subreport and
the Top plus Height of the previous subreport. The bottom
of the section also needs to be up tight against the bottom
of the third subreport.
on the main report for the last (3rd) subreport is not matching the
total on the subreport. For one set of data, the numbers are 4 on the
subreport and 1 on the main report. For another, the numbers are 31 and
26 respectively.
The main report **must** reference the subreport's Report
Footer section text box. The result you are seeing implies
that you are using a running sum text box in the detail
section and the main report is referencing the running sum
text box instead of the report footer text box that displays
the total.

If a subreport is calculating its total using an expression
like =Sum(...), then the total text box can be in either the
subreport's Report Header or Footer section.

Sorry about the delay in re-engaging. I'm doing this part time after a
full time job and I don't always get back to the group as quickly as I'd

The reference chain goes like this:
There is a column in the subreport record source whose value is simply
1. Then, there is a text box in a group footer whose control source is
that column and whose Running Sum property is set to Over All. Next is a
text box in the subreport footer section whose control source is set to
the name of the group footer text box and whose Running Sum property is
set to No. Finally, there is a text box in the main report header
section whose control source is set to the text box in the subreport's
footer (this text box's Running Sum is also set to No).

The strange thing is that this exact setup works for subreports 1 and 2.


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