Reassigning Team Work to a Team Member



Hi there,

I'm currently setting up Team Assignment Pools and it is all going pretty
well. I've set up the look up table, assigned the table to a custom field
and set up the new team as a resource (designating the team lead) and
identified which team is allocated to a resource. I have set up a test
schedule and assigned the team resource to the tasks. The Team Lead has
received all these far so good. This is where I come to a
stumbling block...the Team Lead cannot reassign these tasks to another Team
Member? When the Team Lead clicks the drop down box to select who the task
should be reassigned too, the only option available is the Team Name, no
individual team members.

Could someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong, is this is a bug
or am I expecting too much?

Your help would be greatly appreciated as I feel I'm so close to resolving
the task allocation issue I'm having but just need this one last piece to the



Dale Howard [MVP]

Dicko --

Team members can only reassign tasks to their fellow team members.
Therefore, all members of the team represented by the Team resource must be
on the project team, and then the Team Lead can reassign a Team task to one
of them. Hope this helps.

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