Rebuild hangs at end of step 5



I provide mac support but I'm not an MS office expert. A client has a 2010 MacBook pro running os x 10.6.8

Entourage works for a short while before claiming that the database is damaged and requires rebuilding. When rebuilding, the spinning beach ball appears at the end of step 5, the database utility app appears as not respondingin activity monitor with 100% CPU time and it has to be force quit.

The database is around 5gb and the mac has 4gb ram and 100gb of free space on a 320gb hd. I noticed that during the rebuild the memory in use got to around 3.7gb and after I quit the utility, this memory usage did not drop atall. I know the client had complained about poor performance and only being able to run one app at a time. I know that she has attempted rebuilds herself, so it's possible that she carried on working after forcing the rebuild. Is it normal that the memory is not released after forcing?

What else can be done to repair this database? Is 4gb ram enough? Is 100gb disk space enough?

Secondary question; if she's been running from a backup identity for a while, what will bring the main identity back up to date? Just clicking send/receive, or is it not that simple?

Many thanks,



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