Had to reformat/reinstall. Before, I Burned back-up by
droping my user folder contence under documents & setting
and made a copy. Upon reloading everything, I could get
everything just as I had it, except for Outlook. My
folders, schedule, and e-mails won't import. Specificly,
the doc I am importing is outlook.pst under [my
name]/local setting/application data/microsoft/outlook
Outlook refuses to recognize it as a pst. Trying
reparepst.exe, it "repaired" it, so the computer would
recognize it, but left it with nothing in it but the
empty recycle bin. I have tried restoring previous back-
ups I have done, and they won't work eather. What am I
doing wrong? Is my info located in a different area of my
name in documents & settings?



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

You should search your hard drive for all .PST files -- if you use Windows
2000 or XP, they may be in hidden folders. Make sure you're trying to open
the right one. Open it using File | Open (in Outlook) -- don't import,
there's no need to when you can simply open the file. If there's still no
data in it, try opening your other .PST files and see if you find the data

You can also take a look at this article for more suggestions:

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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