Referring to control in the active subform



When a user double clicks a combo box, a form opens (frmItems).

At the module level of frmItems, these are defined:

Dim CurrentControl As Control
Dim CurrentForm As Form

The OnLoad event of frmItems:

1. Identifies the control that was clicked

Set CurrentControl = Screen.ActiveControl

2. Identifies the form the control is in (whether a main form or a subform)

Dim myControl As Control

Set myControl = Screen.ActiveForm.ActiveControl
If TypeName(myControl) = "SubForm" Then
'it's a subform
Set CurrentForm = Screen.ActiveControl.Parent
'it's not a subform
Set CurrentForm = Screen.ActiveForm
End If

When I close frmItems (a command button), I would like to requery the combo box that was originally clicked (the active control).

This works if the combo box was *not* on a subform:

DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmItems"

But it fails if the combo box was on a subform (for obvious reasons). How can I modify the code so it works when a subform is involved?

Thank you.

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