Refresh Model Wizard hangs



I have tried the following with Visio 2003 and 2007 Pro on Windows XP
I am able to import a database diagram from an Oracle 10g database and it
works as expected; tables come in, tables draw, things are labelled properly
and connected properly. (Using the Generic ODBC driver, Oracle driver locks
up Visio)

My problem occurs on Refreshing the Model. If I try to refresh it, it
extracts all of the table information, then hangs on the first table when
computing the conflicts.
I can select next of Finish on the Wizard, but VBA somehow seems to be in an
infinite loop in the background. If I finish the wizard then try to close
Visio, I get an error: 'You cannot quit Visio because a program is handling
an event from Visio. If VBA is at a breakpoint, reset VBS, then quit again.'

Is this feature broken? Any suggestion?
(I really don't want to start from scratch and have to move all the tables
into position again.)
Thank you


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