Regression analysis code/ad in for Access

Discussion in 'Access VBA Modules' started by Michael, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Does anyone know of the location of a good access
    procedure or ad-in for linear regression analysis (I don't
    mind paying if its is only abailable commercially)

    Michael, Jun 23, 2004
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  2. Michael

    John Vinson Guest

    Look for "Total Access Statistics" at I haven't
    used it but some of my friends and clients swear by it.
    John Vinson, Jun 23, 2004
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  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Thanks John I haven't
    Michael, Jun 24, 2004
  4. Michael

    GreySky Guest

    You can locate the formulas required for linear regression, and convert those to formulas required.

    I had to do this here (I work for a major investment institution) in order to calculate betas (i.e., how closely a portfolio tracks its benchmark) and correlation coefficients (this one's even more fun). It's by no means rocket science; rather, being able to read a little math-geek (aka calculus) and converting it to a relevant expression.

    Beta: (Sum([q].[Benchmark]*[q].[Composite])-Sum([q].[Benchmark])*Sum([q].[Composite])/Count(*))/(Sum([q].[Benchmark]*[q].[Benchmark])-Sum([q].[Benchmark])*Sum([q].[Benchmark])/Count(*))

    This Beta is a linear regression. The inputs are Benchmark returns and Composite returns. If I have x movement in the benchmark, how much movement do I get in comparison in my portfolio? That's a beta. Take my [Benchmark] and [Composite] fields and substitute them for your values you are attempting to regress against linearly.

    In case you care to see correlation of coefficients:

    r: ((Sum([a].[Gross]*.[Gross])-Sum([a].[Gross])*Sum(.[Gross])/Count(*)))/(Sqr(CDbl(nz((Sum([a].[Gross]*[a].[Gross])-Sum([a].[Gross])*Sum([a].[Gross])/Count(*))*(Sum(.[Gross]*.[Gross])-Sum(.[Gross])*Sum(.[Gross])/Count(*))))))

    In this case, take two distinct gross returns (before fees applied to the investment returns), as identified by [a] and . How well do these correlate? This is interesting in terms of comparing differing investment products to see how the returns compare on a period-by-period basis.

    David Atkins, MCP
    GreySky, Jun 26, 2004
  5. Michael


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