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Discussion in 'Visio' started by dbeacom, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Sep 30, 2013
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    I'm repeating a question that I found on the forum, I don't think it was answered, but it's my question too:

    Any suggestions how to create a relative timeline?
    For instance, an event begins on day 0, the first milestone occurs 6 days
    later (day 6), the next one 2 weeks later (day 20) etc.

    We want to use this for a recurring project - for example, a job requires a quarter of a year to do, has a number of milestones in it, but one instance of it could start at one point, other instances at other points.

    We'd like to enter the starting point, for example 10/1/2013, and have the milestones calculated based on relative distance (in days) from that point. For example, the first milestone might be due in two weeks. In this case, 10/15. But another task based on this model may start 10/8 so, after setting that as the start date, we'd like the due date to show as two weeks later, in this case, 10/22.

    Is this feasible? If so, can you point out where I'd set this option?

    dbeacom, Sep 30, 2013
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