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Discussion in 'Excel' started by Cherry4u, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Cherry4u


    Jul 23, 2016
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    Hi Experts,

    Need your help pls
    I have an excel with below info in A, B, C & D columns

    A B C D
    Sulphonator InvoiceNumber Ext.Qty Req.Qty
    Anil 12345 100
    Kumar 34567 78
    Sam 93748 56
    Anil 823423 12
    Sam 8918 786

    My requirement is that i have placed this excel on shared drive and given access to users mentioned in column A.
    If Anil opens the workbook he should be only allowed to edit column D where his name is in column A and reset cells should be locked / should not allow to be edited.
    Ex: Anil name is seen in Sulphonator column in line 1 & 4 so he should only be able to enter Req.Qty in row 1 & 4.

    Cherry4u, Jul 23, 2016
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