Relevante Invites you for its upcoming Webinar on “Excel Advanced Formulas”


Relevante Inc

Date: May 18th 2011


Learn to take a general ledger extract and create a dynamic income
statement that changes with the click of a button. The case will take
you through and explain the advanced functions:

Objectives also include:
• Learn how to clean-up, break out and combine your data using
• Text to Columns
• Left, Right, & Mid functions
• Concatenate
• Trim & Clean
• Year, Month, & Text functions.

• Automate and make dynamic reports using
• lookup, vlookup, and hlookup
• Sumif
• GetPivotData
• Create drop down selection boxes
• Error handling statements.

Participants will get “1.5 Computer Science” CPE Credits.

For more information visit:
You can also E-Mail at: (e-mail address removed)


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