Remove 'Non Commercial Use' in Outlook title bar


Patrick Moran

QUESTION: - How to easily & quickly remove the 'non
commercial use' in the title bar for a newly installed version of office
professional 2007?

I am running Windows 7 and have the Office
Professional 2007 on dvd.
My new laptop was pre-installed with office 2007.
I did not un-install this, I just put in my new office
2007 professional dvd and completed the installation.
Everything works, however, outlook (only outlook)
displays the 'non-commercial use' in the title bar. I
have no entry for office 2007 in the add/remove
programs. The only entry is for my new office professional 2007. So I
cannot now uninstall the 'trial version' that came with the laptop.

I could backup my pst file and uninstall office and
clean out all registry entries. Then re-install office professional 2007,
put back my pst file and add in my 10 different email accounts again. But
honestly, this would be a pain. So is there an easier way to do this or at
least a way to backup the settings of my outlook email accounts (export)?




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

I'm not sure if its in the registry or a dat file on the hard drive....
As long as everything remains identical, export the keys at
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows
Messaging Subsystem then clean the registry. I'm pretty sure you could
leave that key alone - it just has the profile.

Before doing all that, I'd browse the registry in the area mentioned in the
following article. You might be able to find the key that controls it

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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