Remove title bar and phase bar by default on swimlane

Feb 28, 2020
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I am using Visio 2016 and customizing the swimlane and flowchart shapes to meet corporate standards.

When I place a swimlane, the title bar and phase bar appear by default (Visio1.png). To get rid of them, we have to manually clear the Show Title Bar and Show Separators options on the CROSS-FUNCTIONAL FLOWCHART menu (Visio3.png). Then, I have to recolor the top line to match the branding colors recommended by our branding team.

I would like to turn these off by default to avoid manual step by myself and all other users of our swimlane templates. The image Visio2.png shows the results I want but without the manual steps. These manual steps increased the risk of mistakes and inconsistency among our 20+ users so I really want to get rid of that.

How can I remove these by default?



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  • Visio2.png
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  • visio3.png
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