Repair 1406 and 57E Window Update Errors Registry Issues

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office Update' started by NickCWAUK, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. NickCWAUK

    NickCWAUK Guest

    Office 2003 update failed with error 57E. Office repair failed with error
    1406. In the Office Repair several prompts were displayed each naming a
    registry key (e.g HWXlink.E.lnlk, CLSID etc etc).

    Permissions were incorrect for certain Registry keys.

    I used this for Vista Ultimate SP1 and Office 2003 SP3.
    A similar procedure may work for other versions of office and Windows, I
    don’t know.
    You will need to be reasonably computer literate or get someone who is.
    You'll need the office setup files.

    Important Note:
    You should backup your registry and save the backup to a sensible folder
    (see procedure below). You can also create a System Restore, just in case.
    Not sure about anything in this note? e.g. Registry Editor, Permissions,
    System Restore, changing Registry Keys etc? Check the Microsoft Knowledge
    (I can’t take any responsibility over issues caused by your use of this
    procedure. I can only say it worked for me!!)

    You *may* be able to use Office 2003 repair to identify the problem keys and
    then use the Registry Editor to change the relevant key permissions:
    1. Logon to your computer as an administrator (if you can install programs
    it is likely you are an admin).
    2. Run the Registry Editor (Start > Run and run regedit).
    3. In Registry Editor backup your registry (Select the top “Computer†node,
    then click file >> Export, save file somewhere sensible.).
    (Don’t close Registry Editor, yet).
    4. Run a repair for Office 2003 (see relevant Microsoft KB).
    5. When you get an error in the repair process use the Registry Editor
    locate the EXACT registry key named on the prompt (use the find facility,
    Ctrl-F4 and F3 to repeat).
    6. Right click on the key and select Permissions from the pop-up menu.
    7. Set the Users groups to allow Full Control and Read (click OK to save
    8. In the repair click the Retry button.
    9. If the error prompt is replaced with another prompt for a different key
    then the fix has worked. Repeat from step 5 above for the new registry key.
    10. If the error prompt is repeated then repeat from step 6 but set another
    likely group to Full Control, e.g. System.
    11. When all keys have been updated and the repair finishes then close
    Registry Editor and try the Windows Update again.
    12. If this does not fix the issue then you should restore your backed up
    registry file (see below).

    If you experience system issues after this you can restore the Registry by
    double clicking on the registry file you saved.
    If you cannot do an Office Repair or run the Registry Editor then you may
    not be an admin.

    Technical Author,
    Kent UK

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    suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
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    link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
    click "I Agree" in the message pane.
    NickCWAUK, Oct 21, 2008
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  2. NickCWAUK

    Peter Foldes Guest

    FIX for error 57E

    Very Simple

    When doing the Updates leave your Office installation CD in your CD\DVD-ROM while downloading and Installing the Updates. The install is looking for it and when it cannot find it then throws out the 57E and other errors.
    Peter Foldes, Oct 21, 2008
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  3. NickCWAUK

    NickCWAUK Guest

    Hi Peter, thanks for your reply.
    The post I made was not a request for a fix but a I worked out a procedure
    for fixing a particular issue (1406 and 57E) that is recurring through this
    As it happened the CD in drive 'fix' did not work for me neither did turning
    off spyware, firewall and other various fixes which worked or did not work
    for other people. thanks anyway.
    Technical Author,
    Kent UK
    NickCWAUK, Oct 22, 2008
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