Repeated Indexing Corruption



Desktop Search 4
Office 2007, SP2.

User has issues with Outlook Indexing. The Indexing corrupts causing the
user to have incomplete search results. User is heavily dependant on the
search feature.

- The Indexing function repeatedly hangs. Sometimes after a day, sometimes
after a week. Here's the steps I have taken after each corruption issue.
The user confirmed the Index had completed and the search was functioning
after each (temporary) repair.

- I restarted indexing and removed Indexing on all folders other than the
- I re-created the user's ost and restarted indexing again.
- I've recreated the Index.
- I have it running only on the Inbox.
- I have rebuilt the Index.
- I have reset the defaults.
- I verified the Outlook.exe process stops when Outlook is closed.
- I ran the Inbox repair tool.
- I ran the ost scan tool.
- I reinstalled Windows Search 4.

Needing a direction to go in. I appeciate your assistance.

Thank you.


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