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I designed a Renewal Report to print last years Members and their
dependants for our saddle club. I want the report to print the main
Member and all their dependants so they can review the information
when they renew. Everything looks fine. The problem I have is that
the report prints multiple pages if the Member has multiple
dependants. It lists the Main Member and All Depandants however it
prints multiple times. I want it to print just one page with all the
dependants listed. How do I fix this? FYI some Members do not have





Access Developer

There are many ways to design a report, and you haven't given us sufficient
detail to diagnose your problem, which is in the design of your report. Nor
have you given us information on how you store members and dependents --
whether they are in the same table, and how they are related to one another.

"patty" has given you one suggestion; here's another:

Read up on Subreports. Design your report with Member as the Detail; include
a Subreport with dependent information, so all the dependents will be listed
in the Subreport. Sorry not to be able to be more detailed in my suggestion.

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