Report using dates as a criteria




I have a register (list) that has headings such as name, start date, end
date, course duration in days (4)
example is
Name Start Date End date Duration
Sid 25 Feb 2010 3 mar 2010 5
Sid 12 Mar 2010 16 mar 2010 3

As showed each name will have multipule lines as will attend many course.

What I need to do is consolidate the list to show how many days they
undertook training each month. The report has heading as below

Name Jan Feb Mar Apr etc
Sid 0 2 6

any and alll help grateful as don't really want to use a pivot table... :0

I am using 2007 but it has to be 2003 compatable :(



sorry didn't think my orig question had been posted so this is a duplicate of

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